Is Your Business Ready To Hit The Headlines ?

  • Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Physiotherapy Practice
  • Chartered Physiotherapists
What do these three ‘headlines’ tell us?

Well in this particular case, they tell me that I’m looking in the correct section of my Yellow Pages, under ‘Physiotherapy’ would you believe?

There’s a whole list of similar ads in my current YP – ads that state the nature of the business – plus the name of the company. Yet they tell me nothing about the individual business itself. Why is this business special? Why should I make an appointment to see this particular physio rather than the one whose ad is next door to it?

Now seeing as these ad spaces cost over a grand each, wouldn’t you think it might be worth spending a little time on crafting some copy that would actively ‘sell the business’, rather than provide a clone of all the other ads in the category? Not terribly impressive, is it?

Further down the section we have “Quality Physiotherapy . . . Affordable Prices”, followed by “Excellence in Healthcare” – a little better perhaps . . . but if only these business owners had taken advice from a marketing consultant rather than the ad salesman.

Back in the days when good old Yellow Pages was a weighty tome, rather than the mini-version it is today, it’s advertising power carried more clout (literally). There was always the conundrum of advertising your company right alongside your direct competitors – were marketers any more creative in those days? I doubt it. But I digress . . .

The arrival of Google, the other major search engines, and social media, has combined to create new advertising challenges to test out our copy skills and creativity.

But nevertheless one maxim remains: the headline of your sales letter, advertisement, email, poster or publication, is still the single most important ingredient of your marketing.

Think ‘billboards’ – how they capture the fleeting attention of passing drivers with their punchy headlines. Think ‘newspapers’, particularly the tabloids with their cross headers (usually littered by puns!) But it’s those kind of ‘people-pulling’ headlines that make you – the reader – decide whether to read on.

So make your marketing headlines big and bold – and make them stand out. Headlines can be hard-hitting; controversial; thought-provoking; amusing – but they cannot be dull. Not ever!

If you’d like some help crafting headlines that will not only make your prospects sit up take notice of you, but prompt them to act on your latest offer, professional marketing consultants have all the direct marketing expertise you need.


Powerful headlines that will draw your readers in and make them want to learn more about your products or services, so if you are going to invest in advertising it is worth asking a marketing expert to guide you.