The Simple Secret To Driving Traffic To Your Website

 “More content is created now in 48 hours, than from the beginning of time until 2003”

Eric Schimdt, CEO of Google.

Creating an impact online, with the volume of content being produced, is like trying to start a Mexican wave from the changing rooms.

Every day millions of website owners are trying to raise awareness of their site. Through blogging, Pay Per Click, banner ads, social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and so on.

Today we’re bringing you a top tip that really helps you drive traffic to your website. It’s completely free but requires a little bit of effort on your part.

Juan is the loneliest number

Let’s take a look at our Mexican wave metaphor.

Imagine you are sat in the stadium watching your favourite team. You’re at the game alone and want to start a Mexican wave. You rise to your feet. Your arms extend skywards. And you let out a roar of support…what was the result?

Probably a few odd looks in your direction and little, if any, wave participants.

This is currently what is happening with the online marketing efforts of website owners throughout the web. You spend hours working on some great content. An informative article, brilliant webinar or fantastic video but once you’ve published it for the pleasure of the people of the internet, you get a handful of views and a retweet if you’re lucky.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh my God! Wooo! Ohhhhh, wowwww!

Let’s get back to the stadium. Within the crowd there are influencers. A person, or small group of people, who start a Mexican wave and it takes off, rippling around the stadium. The same applies online.

Throughout the internet there are influencers for all interests, no matter how niche. When these people share content online they drive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of visitors to websites.

Take the “Double Rainbow” YouTube video as an example. When Bear Vasquez posted that video online on January 8th 2010 it sat there with very little views until July 3rd 2010 when it was tweeted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Today it has over 36 million views.

Jimmy is an influencer for people who like funny videos.

The Double Rainbow video success was a chance success. Bear’s extraordinary reaction, to the wonders of Mother Nature that day, could still be a mystery to us all if it wasn’t for Jimmy’s tweet.

What if Bear had spent weeks creating that piece of content and it had never been seen? All the time and resource would have been a waste.

This is what website owners are doing right now.

Spending huge amounts of time and resource creating content that they’ve no idea of whether anyone will see it. No idea whether it will drive traffic back to their website.


“You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Doug home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack… it grew by one. So there… there were two of us in the wolf pack… I was alone first in the pack, and then Doug joined in later. And six months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought, “Wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure, I just added two more guys to my wolf pack.”

Alan, The Hangover


Create your wolf pack

My advice to you is to spend time into ensuring the key influencers for your target audience are sat next to you at the stadium. So that when you stand up and share you content, your Mexican wave is going to be incredible.

Now for something actionable.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would someone with thousands of followers listen to what I have to say?

On the internet, just like in real life, no-one wants to sit next to someone who is not talking about things they are interested in. You need to know what content your key influencers are interested in. What information are they asking for, commenting on and sharing?

Provide the content that they are looking for and they will share it.

Most people reading this article will be starting from one of two places. You’re either an established business/website owner, or you’ve just set up a new business/website.

Let’s start with the easier one first.

Established businesses

Make a list of every business you have a connection with – every supplier, everywhere you advertising, local press you’ve dealt with, your customers and so on.

Next to each one make a note of how many social media followers they have on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Prioritise the list for the most influential (most followers). Now make contact with these businesses proposing a content partnership. To begin with, this could be a simple article swap for each other’s blogs.

Agree to share these articles on each other’s social media profiles. You will normally find that you’re suppliers, organisations you are spending money with, will be more than happy with this agreement.

A few tweets or Facebook posts from an influential supplier with links to the article they’ve written for your blog could drive hundreds of new visitors to your site.

You could look to make this a regular partnership and perhaps expand out into webinars, videos, infographics.

The agreement is beneficial to both parties and your Mexican waves will start to take shape.

New businesses

For a new business that has little or no established contacts then you will need to use another strategy.

Again make a list of organisations that will have a similar target audience to you, but are not competitors, such as relevant magazines. Also make a note of how regularly they post on Twitter and whether they interact with followers (retweet, reply to tweets etc.)

Create articles that feature these organisations in a complimentary manner such as “15 Brilliant iPhone and iPad apps for business” or “5 brilliant UK business news websites” and then ensure that when you tweet the article to your followers you include their handle:

“5 brilliant UK business news websites – featuring @bdailynews and @TheWallUK”

Chances are that one of the featured businesses will share your article to your followers, driving visitors to your website.

Sum it up for us Jerry

Content partnerships = smarter marketing. Once you get the ball rolling you should find that every piece of content you create is guaranteed to be shared by influential people/businesses that will drive targeted traffic to your website.