How Mobile Ready Is Your Business ?

A recent roundtable debate led by the Guardian newspaper. The panel was made up of ten influential stakeholders from a range of B2C and B2B industry sectors, both agency and client side, ranging from the SMB to large scale organisations.

The morning’s theme was how to market to the ever increasing multi-channel customer. That is, customers who access the internet from various channels; making it harder to predict behaviour and responses. Undeniably, the rise of the mobile phone, specifically smartphones and tablet devices, has largely contributed to this dilemma.

Creating content that adapts to different channels presents its own unique challenge, one expert attending the roundtable advocates “Think about how you are going to create multi-channel content mobile-first, but scalable backward, don’t think desktop-first.” Many brands are reacting to this by exploring audio and visual apps to engage with customers in a familiar environment while creating mobile ready content.

The constant updates to mobile features are becoming a marketing headache and a strain on resources, in the message designing and testing stages. It seems this view is widely shared with most organisations who admit their mobile strategy isn’t up to scratch and 74% plan to allocate increased spending in the next 12 months to tackle this.

It may seem a simple concept to always put the needs of the customer first but in a world where endless amounts of data and insight is available, it’s easy to lose sight of your objectives. With time never on your side and the bottom line always taking priority, it becomes difficult to justify using channels that don’t have a direct ROI or yield tangible results. Marketers need a robust strategy that incorporates not only the channels customers are using but how they interact with these channels.

Remember, when targeting multi-channel customers:

  • Set objectives when planning a campaign and keep referring back to them
  • Concentrate on who your actual customer is, not who you imagine them to be
  • Identify where your customers are online and how they like to engage
  • Don’t get too caught up in ROI, indicator metrics have value too
  • Focus on streamlining internal decision making and removing barriers for a more agile business

An effective marketing campaign is far from simply maximising the number of channels you use in an attempt to reach as many consumers as possible. It requires careful planning, impeccably well thought through execution and a firm grip on the objectives you are trying to fulfil for each and every channel.

Have you incorporated mobile into your marketing strategy and accommodated the multi-channel customer, or do you plan to? Join the conversation and let us know.

To keep your business ahead of the game, read the full report here.