The PlanYour.Website Story -Why we rebranded our company

In 1999, we started our journey into the realm of web design, with our original company name of ‘Future Web Designs’. Our aspirations soon grew, and we began building out our product portfolio and diversifying into new markets, including web hosting services. As such we soon realised that we needed to rebrand our organisation, to be able to differentiate our brand and aspirations, due to this we settled on a new name of ‘Organic Solutions’. We did we choose this name? our reasoning behind the new name was, we wanted everything you did online and required to feel organic and natural. After our first rebrand, we continued our expansion into new markets and territories.

In 2012, we expanded our product portfolio even further and began offering:

  • media solutions
  • digital management services
  • corporate rebranding
  • innovative cloud solutions
  • broadband and telecoms
  • Fan site Networking

Due to this continued expansion, our board of directors chose to rebrand the organisation again, this time rebranding to ‘The Organic Group’, still with the same ethos of organic natural and intuitive services, however, it was felt the term group would allow us to bundle and brand all of our products and services together in a more meaningful way.

The organisation’s success grew even faster than we had planned. Due to this rapid growth and expansion, we sold off various businesses assets of broadband and telecoms, to focus on our own internal core values.

As we expanded our vision, and completed the broadband and telecoms sales, with a view to building even more exciting products, we felt that this was the right time to move to a brand-new name. Today, we are happy to announce that we are rebranding the company to PlanYour.Website.

For those of you who are interested in knowing more about our journey and how we came about rebranding the company for the third time, please read on…

The multi-product dream

I’ve always talked about how it was our dream to build a global product/service company. But not a lot of people know that in this dream, we saw ourselves as a multi-product/service company right from the day we started out.

In our early days, we used to discuss this a lot with our business partners. In fact, we were so serious about it that we went ahead and purchased more than 140 domain names that started with the word “organic, future, design, and media”.

Whilst we always knew where our future vision would take us, we knew we had to start somewhere and build out our diverse product offering from our original mission statement. When we raised our first serious funding round from our business partners, we did it based on just Future Web Designs business plans and did not talk to our investors about our multi-product ideas. At that point in time, it wasn’t anything beyond a dream.

We started with Future Web Designs, aiming our web design products and small business and home individual users. We knew we needed to start here to build up our product portfolio and gain a market share in a highly competitive market place. As such it took us three years to hit the 1000 customers mark. Around this time, we started to work on our expanded business aspirations and vision, we had originally started with. We soon signed key deals with strategic partners of ‘Fasthosts’ to offer web hosting services at scale.

We attended many seminars on being entrepreneurs, and during one of these key seminars, I received some of the best advice I’ve received and got a few perspectives that I would have never thought of myself. The most important one among those was this: “Don’t change the narrative of your company”.

It was a simple lesson that made a lot of sense. If you are a young start-up looking to grow your business and raise more funding, it may not be a good sign for investors if you are talking about building additional products/services before seeing a lot of success with the first one. There’s a good chance that they might think that you’re pivoting from your original idea. It was also a good idea to focus on scaling Future Web Designs and making sure that we weren’t confusing our customers with our plans.

We understood these concerns and decided to take the advice and put our future aspirations on hold instead of fighting for our dreams blindly. We expanded our product portfolio for our existing client base, and built in web hosting services provided by our strategic partner ‘Fasthosts’

Creating an opportunity for ourselves

Over the next few years, we continued to show good growth and solid financial numbers with ‘Future Web Designs’, as our revenues grew steadily we decided now was the right time to rebrand to Organic Solutions. As such we communicated this with our key investors and our existing client base. To ensure no confusion with our business model, we ran both our web design and web hosting services alongside each other for 12 months before converging everything under one name and platform.

Towards the end of 2011, we had a new idea and wanted to expand our product portfolio even further to truly offer a converged digital media platform. As such we expanded into Broadband and Telephony services in the United Kingdom.

The key thing here was that we could stay in control of our narrative without doing something too different from our original products/services. We would still be a company that built websites and digital media management. It was a natural extension because we saw that a lot of our customers were looking for these additional services.

This was an experiment worth doing because t allowed us to change the direction of our organisation for the better. Hence, we decided the time was right to become a group company. We knew now, that our client base had expanded enough to warrant a further round of funding form our key financial backers. Our bet paid off, and within 5 years we had expanded globally with our web design, and web hosting services and our newly launched broadband and telephony services.

It wasn’t long before we were approached with offers to buy our organisation, however with a controlling share of the organisation I decided that we would instead remain on course. This is when the global financial meltdown started to bite our business model. Instead of selling the entire organisation we had spent 17 years building from the ground up, I decided to diversify and sell off key assets that had begun to deviate from our original dream.

As such, the broadband and telephony portfolio was sold off, and we signed new strategic partners for our web hosting services. We migrated all of our customers from the ‘Fasthosts’ platform onto our own cloud based dedicated server range with ‘Amazon Web Services’. Once the sale had completed, and the customer migration we felt the time was right to become ‘PlanYour.Website’. As such we registered our business in our domiciled country The United Kingdom with companies’ house, and became a fully-fledged LTD company.

It was felt that due to our strong brand, and product portfolio along with the options to add additional services that we should trademark our company name and ethos. Although we re-branded the company back on the 8th June 2017, nothing was made official until we received our registered trademark documentation from the Intellectual Property Office.

We are now able to announce our brand-new name officially, and goals for the future.

Our Future Goals and Aspirations

As with all companies we want to ensure our client base has all the benefits and services they require. Due to this we have already launched dozens of new services under our brand-new organisation.

We have plans for the future to launch a new company, offering additional products and services that aren’t the same as our web design and digital media management. We will share these details as we continue to build out a range of digital cloud business management solutions. We are still in the process of building these products and services with our new key partner ‘Zoho’.

These new product ranges, will be of huge benefit to our larger business customers, as such we won’t be merging these two organisations together!

Next steps for PlanYour.Website

With the most important part of our rebranding now done, we are excited more than ever to carry forward with our vision and make things happen. While we’ve been busy getting here for the last eighteen years, this date really feels like day one all over again.

I believe we are taking an important step towards expanding our horizon and changing the way we do things as a company. We are not in this just to change the way businesses operate; we are in it to change the way they do business.

This is a huge moment for all of us at PlanYour.Website. I would like to thank all of you for being a part of our journey and making our dreams come true.

To get a sneak peek into some of the things that happened behind the scenes during the rebrand, stay tuned to our blog and look out for the second part of this blog post.