WooCommerce statistics added to Client Reports

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of WooCommerce statistics for our range of WordPress Maintenance plans, has been added to the client reports you our customers receive!

 Wordpress Maintenance from PlanYour.Website is aiming to give you features you need to quickly provide you with the relevant statistics to help you grow your site.

Client Reports help you get the credit that you deserve. With Client Reports, we can provide every client with an executive summary of their website.

How did we add WooCommerce to our range of WordPress Maintenance packages?

We pull the reports from the WooCommerce plugin directly, our dedicated management plugins pull information and reorganizes it to fit the format of our Client Reports. That way we can be sure that all of the information is correct, and comes from WooCommerce. It means that it completely eliminates the need for you to generate and send separate WooCommerce reports.

How to add WooCommerce to a Client Report?

We have made it easy and have already enabled this option as defaulted.

A few things to remember:

  • We do not check to make sure that the website you selected has a WooCommerce plugin. If you select a website without the WooCommerce plugin, the Client Report will not include any WooCommerce statistics. You will have a blank page in your report.
  • If you have multiple sites managed by PlanYour.Website, and two out of five websites have WooCommerce, we will show you results only for the two websites that have the WooCommerce plugin.

Here is what it looks like when you generate a Client Report with WooCommerce statistics.

Client Report with WooCommerce

Can I receive my reports in multiple languages with WooCommerce?

For now, we can only send them in English. So, if you require your weekly report in another language you will not be able to add WooCommerce to your report. This is something we are working on, and plan on expanding it to all of our available languages as soon as possible.

What are new features coming in the future?

We plan to make our WordPress Maintenace service even better moving forward, we have lots of ideas on our roadmap and we will share these as they become available. As always if you have an idea of what you would like to become available, post over in our community forums feature requests.