Gears 5 at gamescom 2019: Horde, Halo: Reach Character Pack, and AAPE by A Bathing Ape®

Today at gamescom 2019, we revealed the all-new Gears 5 Horde mode, which adds new gameplay features and Ultimate abilities to this signature mode. Every Horde character will have a unique Ultimate ability; this extends to cross-over characters like Sarah Connor from Terminator Dark Fate, and Kat and Emile from the newly announced Halo: Reach Character Pack. The Halo: Reach Character Pack is included as part of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Additionally, we’re extending our collaboration with AAPE, so if you missed the tease that dropped at E3, you’ll have more chances in the future. Lastly, we confirmed the Gears 5 is now available for pre-purchase on Steam and will launch on all platforms at the same time.

If you couldn’t catch the show, here’s a rundown of everything we showed off today.

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Horde is back and better than ever in Gears 5. Next month, Horde continues the evolution of the fan-favorite multiplayer mode that has become a cornerstone of the franchise with an all-new set of character-based gameplay mechanics where each character has their own personality, progression, play style and legacy that they bring to the table. Can you and four friends endure waves of ever-stronger enemies and bosses? Survive using new Ultimate abilities like JD’s air strike or Kait’s cloak, building defenses, collecting power, leveling up your skills and working as a team. Beyond traditional Gears heroes, you can now play as Jack, the flying support bot,  in Horde. Jack doesn’t need cover and can buff nearby players or hack and hijack enemies making them fight each other, which lends an added dimension to building out the best team. On top of these major enhancements, we’ve also added Power Taps – a new mechanic that encourages players to move their bases for more power and rewards. For a first glimpse at the latest in Horde, check out the latest trailer and prepare to hop in with you and your squad in a few weeks.

For those at the show, Gears 5 Horde mode is playable in the Xbox booth and the Samsung booth at Gamescom 2019. For those who couldn’t make it out to Germany, it is also playable in select Microsoft Stores. See your local store for details.

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Halo: Reach Character Pack

One of the most storied franchises in all of gaming is coming to the Gears franchise at launch when Halo: Reach drops onto Sera. From Noble Team, Spartans Emile-A239 and Kat-B320 will fight alongside the likes of Kait Diaz  and Marcus Fenix in Horde and Versus. The Halo: Reach Character Pack also includes a variety of Noble Team cosmetics to choose from like a Noble Team Jack Skin, Noble Team Banner, Noble Team Blood Spray, Noble Team Mark and the Noble Team Weapon Set. The Halo: Reach Character Pack will be available for all Gears 5 Ultimate Edition owners and included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


AAPE x Gears Capsule Collection

Earlier this year, we announced a collaboration with AAPE by A Bathing Ape® featuring Gears-themed limited edition items that were only available at E3. This fall we’re gearing up for the second phase of our partnership complete with a new clothing line and in-game cosmetics. With any purchase of a piece of the AAPE x Gears Capsule Collection, fans will receive the Gears 5 in-game AAPE  Moonface Mark, AAPE Moonface Bloodspray and AAPE Black Camo Lancer weapon skin, and AAPE Red Camo Banner that is exclusive to the clothing line purchases. Additionally, Gears 5 fans will be able to purchase the Gears 5 x AAPE Customization pack that includes the Kait Diaz character skin featuring the AAPE x Gears blue camo hoodie design, AAPE Black Camo Weapon set and other cosmetics including the Moonface Bloodspray, Moonface Mark, and the AAPE Blue Camo Banner. The AAPE x Gears Capsule Collection will drop on August 30 with the Gears 5x AAPE Customization pack available on September 6. Stay tuned for AAPE x Gears drop details.

We’re less than three weeks away from Gears fans descending upon Sera, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the next chapter of Kait’s story with you. Players can squad up four days early (September 6) and play through five thrilling modes across the deepest campaign yet with Gears 5 Ultimate Edition on Xbox One and Windows 10 as well as Steam and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Steam players can pre-purchase either the Standard Edition or Ultimate Edition to enjoy the same bonuses and benefits as on Xbox One and Windows 10, and even join the Gears family for multiplayer thanks to cross-play. For more information on Gears 5, stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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