Embed Cloud Search in your new Google Sites

Quick launch summary

We’re adding a Cloud Search integration in new Google Sites. Site editors can now replace in-site search with Cloud Search, or add an always-open Cloud Search box to the header, body, or footer of the site itself.

Adding Cloud Search to your new Google Sites will give site viewers more powerful search, allowing them to find content across other Google Sites as well as other G Suite content. Search results are available to the site viewers directly from within the new Google Site itself.

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Admins will be able to configure what data sources they want Cloud Search to search over using the “Google Sites Search Application”. The Google Sites Search Application will become available from within the Admin Console in late January. We’ll update this blog post once it begins rolling out.


Rollout details

G Suite editions

  • Available to all G Suite editions who have Cloud Search enabled.

On/off by default?

  • This feature will be available by default for users with Cloud Search permissions enabled.

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