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Why do some websites climb up the rank ladder in absolutely no time while the others face struggles for a long span? Not having top-notch backlinks is a big setback for any website. It does not get the required recognition in a quick way. Selecting random websites for constructing backlinks is not a good alternative as well. if you get connected to a fraudulent website, your rank would drop instead of rising.  Even if you are using a free backlink maker, ensure that the standard of the tool is up to the mark.

A number of risks are created if you do not opt for a reputed tool to get free backlinks. Proficient soft wares only generate links which do not have any illegitimacy problems. It is quite important to locate the right backlink generator before you start using the links.

Here are the 3 top-rated backlink creation tools you can use

1.    Backlink builder by Prepostseo

The websites you connect with for backlinking need to have a good reputation. This is the same as being friends with good/bad students. At college, if you move around with people who score low grades, everyone would judge you in the same manner. Similarly, being friends with serious students would result in creating a positive image. The same strategy is implemented in the case of backlink builders. Be sure that you are not picking a tool with low credibility.  Why does this tool carry a high preference rate that its alternatives? Here are some reasons which convince the users.

Judge each website by checking the Domain / Page Authority

A high domain or page authority score proves that the website is reliable and has been running for a long time. If you have recently launched one, it would not have a high DA score initially. Checking the DA or PA is a good way to decide whether you should connect with a website through backlinks or not. High scores are a clear sign that you should proceed. On the other hand, if the value or DA or PA is low, it is required to look for better links.

Forget about low-performance apprehensions

The performance of a backlink maker is quite important. How much time does it take to generate the links? Does it get hung if used more than once? At times, several problems exist with these tools. Users have to wait for the links to be displayed on the screen. With this tool, performance is not an issue. It has strong development infrastructures at the backend so it produces results in an optimum manner.

Software knowledge is not mandatory in any way

It is not a piece of cake to be tech-savvy. Out of ten people, you may find two who have a love for soft wares and tools. This is the reason why easy tools suit all types of users. Their purpose is not learning the programming tasks involved while developing the tool. For instance, a website/blog owner would not be interested in how a particular backlink generator was developed. His goal would be producing the links with quickness and accuracy.

2.    Backlink maker by

Users end up with the wrong tools because they do not give priority to relevant selection parameters. The interface is important only to the extent that it is not overly difficult. Flashy animations and interactive colour themes simply do not make any difference. This backlink generator has the simplest of user interfaces but in terms of effectiveness, the highest standards are set.

Installations are certainly not needed because it is an online tool. These days, people are shifting towards online applications as they are stress-free. You do not have to fear about getting stuck while going through the setup stages. It can be cumbersome to set up the conventional offline soft wares on each device you are using. These days, people use various other gadgets apart from laptops/desktops. No one has the time to run an installation process on each of them individually. Well, you do not need to do so because this tool is online. This means that you only require proper network connectivity to run it.

One of the most irritating experiences for users is when they have to wait for long spans due to low-performance levels. This problem can exist with any software and backlink making tools are not an exception. The smart way to deal with this problem is surveying about performance levels before taking a decision. Tools with low-performance standards are bombarded with negative user reviews. By checking what they have mentioned about the tool, you can make the final call about whether it should be selected or not.

3. Backlink Maker

Every free tool for backlink making is not appropriate. Some of them simply do not work after being used once or twice. They start crashing which causes inconvenience for users. This backlink generating tool is equipped with high-performance factors. It would not go into a not responding mode even if you use it a hundred times.

  • No tough procedures are followed while using it. Instead, users only have to enter the URL of the website for which backlinks are needed.
  • As the usage is online, you do not have to worry about installing soft wares of any kind.
  • Does it generate low standard backlink options? Websites with broken links or tarnished reputation can be a major problem. It would ruin your online presence in the long run. This tool produces the finest websites which are open for backlinking.


Selecting a good backlink generator is the key for reaching to the most established websites. This results in professional growth and increase of traffic count. For new websites, having a good count of visitors is critical for getting better business results.

When a new website is created, its SEO rank is quite low initially. Online positions improve when the trust level improves. By having high-quality backlinks, it becomes much easier for any website to accomplish this goal.

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