Google Fiber starts testing its upcoming 2 Gbps service

Google Fiber is about to start testing a new 2 Gbps internet service in two cities with the plan to launch it widely in 2021, the company announced. The plan will cost $100 per month, or $30 more than the current 1 Gbps service. In exchange, you’ll get double the download speeds, though uploads will remain unchanged at 1 Gbps. Customers who sign up will also get a WiFi 6 router that will presumably support the higher speeds, along with a mesh extender to distribute WiFi around your house.

The company is calling for “super users” and others in Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama to join its Trusted Tester program and help it work out the bugs. It will eventually launch the service in most of Google’s 19 Fiber and wireless Fiber Webpass cities by early 2021.

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