Cortana in Windows 10 Not Working ?

Cortana in Windows 10 Not Working ?

Are you having issues with the new Microsoft digital assistance called Cortana in Windows 10? If so you are not alone, many are having this issue with not being able to use the new digital assistant that comes with the latest version of Microsoft’s new flagship operating system Windows 10.

Here we will walk you through ensuring that it works in your region

  1. In the bottom left hand corner next to the start menu button, access the new search box and type in Control Panel and hit enter
  2. Next within the control panel click the region Icon, and this will open the region settingswindows-10-language-settings
  3. Next from the format menu select your relevant format in this instance ‘English (United Kingdom)’, and click apply
  4. Click on the location tab and choose your home location in this instance ‘United Kingdom’, and click apply, and then ok to close this windowwindows-10-language-settings-location
  5. Now returning back to the control panel interface click the language icon, and this will open the language settingswindows-10-language--choice-settings
  6. Here you will need to either add a language, so click on add a language and choose the relevant language for your location/region. Once you have done this the new language will be installed, and you will return to the above screen
  7. Next you will need to move your newly installed language up, to do this click on your newly installed language and then move your cursor to the ‘Move Up’ wording and click on this. This will now be at the top of the list and will become your default language settings
  8. Now you will need to click on the old language that you have replaced with your new default one, and click ‘Remove’. This will remove the old language from the system
  9. Once you have done this you can close this window and move onto step 10
  10. Now that you have changed all location/region and language settings to your new default you will need to change the speech settings to ensure that Cortana can work in your chosen language and region. To do this click on the date and time on the bottom right hand corner of your screenwindows-10-date-and-time-settings
  11. Now you will need to click the blue link that says ‘Date and time settings’, this will open up a new window. Once this window is open click ‘Speech’ on the right hand sidewindows-10-speech-settings
  12. From here you will need to click on the drop down menu as highlighted above and choose your language. This language was previously installed in step 6. Once this is complete return the bottom left hand side of the screen next to the start menu and click in the box. Cortana will now display all relevant settings for you to continue using Cortana in your region.

If Cortana still isn’t working in your region or you do not see any different settings for speech we recommend visiting the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article »

Please note that Cortana isn’t available in every region around the world, Microsoft are launching there new digital assistance globally in a staged process