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"Please enter your domain name."

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change nameservers, MX and A records and take domain control to another level

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Domain Privacy

Protect your details from the whois database. (extra charges apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Making domain name registration even easier

How long does registration take ?

Your domain is registered as soon as you order it, but it can take between 24 and 72 hours for it to appear online.

How can I pay for my domain names and do I get an invoice ?

You can pay using a credit/debit card or Domain Credits. We do not accept cheque, postal orders, standing orders, or cash. You will automatically receive an invoice by email and you can view and print your invoices at any time through your ‘my account’

Do I own the domain name and can I get a certificate of ownership ?

The domain is always registered in your name, or, if you’re working on someone’s behalf, your customer’s name.

If I buy domain names with PlanYour.Website, can I be sure my domains and e-mail will work together ?

DNS and e-mail integration is an important factor for companies and organisations that wish to present a professional image through their web presence. Thankfully, ensuring your domain name and e-mail work seamlessly together is simple with PlanYour.Website. For instance, if you wish to attach your personalised e-mail (e.g. [email protected]) to your company domain names (e.g. you can simply associate the two (e.g. [email protected]) in just a few clicks via your PlanYour.Website Control Panel. This provides you with a professional e-mail address that can be associated with your existing web brand – helping customers to stay in contact more efficiently than with a generic @gmail or @webmail address.

Within your PlanYour.Website Control Panel, you can also assign individual rights to different users by setting up user accounts for colleagues, employees and additional administrators. This is the perfect e-mail solution for larger web projects and allows your company or organisation to function with greater efficiency.

What is the significance of a domain name’s suffix ?

The suffix of your domain name is important in a number of ways and is integral to your website’s successful operation. Firstly, the wealth of TLDs (top-level domains) now available for domain registration allows you to register a domain suited to your company or organisation’s purpose. For instance, if is already registered, then why not try or .biz rather than changing your company name to suit the TLD? With a variety of generic TLDs available through the PlanYour.Website domain name search, including .com, .org, .net, .info, .website, .web and .online, you can be sure to find the perfect TLD for your next web project.

TLDs can also help users identify your website by its location. This option is perfect for those wishing to associate a website with a specific geographical place. These include TLDs linked to particular countries such as .uk, .fr, .de and .es, and TLDs that can be linked to regional and local destinations such as .london, .scotland, .wales, .nyc, .paris and .berlin.

Finally, if your new website is tied to a specific industry or profession, then there are plenty of choices for your domain name registration. These include TLDs such as .photography, .hotel, .software, .app, .finance and .restaurant among many others.

Can you tell me more about domain name registries ?

Domain name registries are essentially organisations with large databases of domains that allow separate companies to request administrative control of particular domain names. For instance, the domain name registry for the TLD is Nominet, while the registry for the .com TLD is Verisign. When you register a domain with PlanYour.Website or any other company, your domain name is linked to your details in one of these central databases. These registries control domain name distribution policy and operate domains on the technical level. In some cases they are also responsible for dealing with disputes and issues surrounding domain registration. All of this essentially means that when you wish to transfer your domain name from one hosting company to another, the domain name registry ensures the domain is always registered to you and can be switched with ease.

Each registry operates in a slightly different way, with some working on a non-profit basis (e.g. Nominet) and some set up as commercial enterprises (e.g. Verisign). However, each holds the administrative data of each domain and generates a file zone which contains the addresses of name servers. Finally, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) acts as the regulator for these domain name registries and may also deal with disputes and technical work depending on the particular domain names.

How are domain names structured ?

The structure of a domain name can be separated into three distinct parts. For instance, the domain name can be split into a TLD, an SLD (second-level domain) and a subdomain. Here, we’ll take a closer look at each section.

To begin with, you can find the TLD, or top-level domain, on the far right of your domain name. Top-level domains include, .com and .info. These are split into generic TLDs, country code TLDs, sponsored TLDs and unsponsored TLDs. For the most part, the gTLDs and the ccTLDs are what you will be looking to utilise.

The second part, or the middle of your domain name, is known as the second-level domain and consists of your chosen name. In our example this is the ‘mycompany’ section of the domain name. When you register domain names, this will be the part unique to your company or organisation, giving you an opportunity to be creative with your domain registration.

Finally, the subdomain on the far left side is denoted by ‘www.’ and many other options. This allows ultimate flexibility after you register a domain name, since you can assign subdomains to various different sections of your website. For instance, you could create or to help guide your customers to the relevant section of your website.

I want to choose the perfect domain name, can PlanYour.Website help ?

Choosing the perfect domain names for your project is an important step in building a successful web presence. In most cases, your domain name is the first thing your customers and visitors encounter as they begin to explore your products or services. In fact, when you go through the domain name registration process, your first thought should be whether your name stands out from the crowd and sticks in your customers’ minds.

One problem you may encounter when attempting domain registration is that your preferred combination of TLD and SLD have been already taken. This should come as no surprise given the sheer number of websites that exist today. For instance, many of the most popular and .com domains will already have been registered. However, thanks to the recent introduction of a broad range of nTLDs, you may not have to compromise your SLD after all. For instance, if is already taken, why not try for or another one of the many additional TLDs now available? What’s more, you can also specialise your domain names according to your geographical location or particular industry. Why not try if you’re within the UK capital, or if you’re looking to promote happy hour? However you decide to build your domain names, you’ll find that PlanYour.Website has everything you need to create a truly professional web presence.