WordPress Maintenance Client Reports Now Available in 28 Languages!

WordPress Maintenance Client Reports Now Available in 28 Languages!

In March this year, we expanded our WordPress Maintenace Services with an additional 19 native languages!. And today we are bringing you another 19 languages, which means that we now you have 28 language options!!!

You no longer have to worry about understanding English with our WordPress Maintenance service reports or waste time translating information, you can get straight to the detail that matter most to you. Not only that, we have already built in new WooCommerce functionality as previously announced back in October.

What languages can I receive reports in?

These are the languages that are presently available, within our range of WordPress Maintenance services


Languages don’t come at an extra cost, so whatever language you choose during the signup process we can send you in-depth Reports in your native language.

Can we expect more languages?

Yes. We are planning on adding more languages to the mix. We can’t promise you a timeline of when which will come, but we can tell you that we haven’t finished with the localization of Reports.

Here is a nice representation of how many official languages we have covered so far.



Send in your language requests

If there is a language you really want us to include tell us. For us to include it depends on the availability of professional translators, as well as other technical factors, but you can give us an idea of what direction to go in. Share with us what language you want to see next.